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How Ashish healed his chronic neck & shoulder pain?

man with neck and upper back pain

Ashish (name changed), a software professional in Bengaluru, India, had been suffering from chronic neck and shoulder pain for several years. He was working long hours in front of the laptop, and his lifestyle was predominantly sedentary. He was experiencing pain in the neck, shoulder blades and upper back everyday after just few hours of work. By night, it would grow severe, draining his energy, and giving a feeling of tiredness. He was unable to spend quality time with his family. Ashish was waking every morning with stiffness in the upper back region. He could even notice a hunch in the cervical region  of the spine (neck & upper back) due to long stretches of work on the digital screen, with neck bent forward while sitting in a chair.

At YOGKUTiR, a curated yoga routine (scroll below) was developed for Ashish. Within one week he started observing relief from the pain. By the end of the first month he had significant improvements in morning stiffness. He is now able to maintain a better posture, and in his own words, he finds himself slightly taller :-)


Ashish is now also able to sit on the floor in cross-legged posture for longer without any back support during his meditation & prayer.

Ashish has been continuing his yoga routine regularly and feels quite energized the entire day.

Causes of neck pain

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Practicing Yoga

Ashish's Yoga Plan for Neck & Shoulder pain



  • Neck & Shoulder rolls & stretches

  • Downward/upward neck-bend at 60 deg.

  • Marjari bitilasana

  • Gomukhasana

  • Matsyasana

  • Ustrasana

  • Setubandhasana



  • Nadi Shodhana

  • Bhastrika 



  • Merudanda mudra

  • Vayu mudra

The above is a representational list of yogic practices for neck and shoulder pain and by no means a comprehensive list.


There can be various reasons for neck and shoulder pain, ranging from result of poor posture to medical conditions. Yoga can help alleviate such chronic pains in the cervical area (neck and shoulder region) through the following:


  1. Correction of the upper body posture

  2. Easing out the pressure on discs of the cervical spinal region

  3. Restoring prana flow in the above region

  4. Strengthening the muscles of the neck and the shoulders

Please note that neck and spine are sensitive regions. Some asanas could also aggravate the pain if they are contraindicated. Hence, it is extremely important to understand each person's issues and prescribe the right set of yogic practices.


Yoga therapy can bring significant benefits, as experienced by the participant in this success story. This yoga plan was developed as per the condition and the need of the participant. As some yoga practices could be contraindicated for others, we suggest that you consult a trained yoga therapist before adopting the above plan for yourself. Please note that yoga should not be regarded as a replacement for expert medical advice and treatment. 

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