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How Sonali got relieved from PCOS (poly-cystic ovary syndrome)?

Upset Stomach

Sonali (name changed), is an IT professional in Bengaluru, India. She had been suffering from poly-cystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) for several years.

And she's not the only one. PCOS has already been affecting more and more young girls and women in India and worldwide. Untreated PCOS can lead to several complications like infertility, painful periods, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, diabetes and many more.


Sonali showed the determination to overcome it. Here is her inspiring story in her own words.



This is what I felt when people kept coming to me with their recommendations to cure PCOS. I am an IT professional and I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2019. It was during the lockdown, when my stress levels peaked and the symptoms of PCOS started showing profusely all over my physical as well as mental health.


Extreme hair fall, mood swings, irregular periods and unusual weight gain to name a few. The list does not end here. And when these symptoms start to show, they comes with an additional baggage of insecurities, lack of motivation, insomnia and what not.

The doctors recommended me to keep my lifestyle healthy and keep my weight under control. It was then that I started Yoga at home and tried to learn through YouTube videos. Even though the workout sessions felt good, it did not give me the results that I expected.


This is when I came across the Yoga program for weight loss and PCOS by Yogkutir, through a friend. Sceptical at first, I joined the program and followed the curated Yoga routine to manage PCOS for the next 4-5 months. 

In the latest ultrasound, doctors found no cysts in my scan, implying a significant reversal of my PCOS condition. For the longest time, I could not believe my ears. But I could surely say that good guidance along with healthy food choices, made it possible for me to overcome PCOS. Yoga  played a crucial role to transform my health and keep me motivated to live a healthy lifestyle. And the journey continues..."

Scroll down to see the yogic practices that help with PCOS.

PCOS statistics

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Yoga Practice

Yoga Plan  for PCOS



  • Surya Namaskar

  • Baddhakonasana

  • Titli asana

  • Prasarita Padottanasana

  • Parivritta Trikonasana

  • Chakki Chalasana

  • Nauka Chalasana

  • Shalabhasana



  • Kapalbhati

  • Nadi shodhana

  • Bharamari

  • Yogic breathing



  • Yoni mudra

  • ​Surbhi mudra

  • Vayu mudra



  • Laghushankha prakshalan

  • Vaman dhauti

  • Moon-charged water


The above is a representational list of yogic practices for PCOS and by no means a comprehensive list.

PCOS is a problem with hormones that happens during the reproductive years. If one has PCOS, one may not have periods very often. Or one may have periods that last many days. One may also have too much of a hormone called androgen in one's body. With PCOS, many small sacs of fluid develop along the outer edge of the ovary. These are called cysts. The small fluid-filled cysts contain immature eggs. These are called follicles. The follicles fail to regularly release eggs. Obesity commonly occurs with PCOS and can worsen complications of the disorder.

Yogic practices and a healthy lifestyle have shown to alleviate the problems associated with PCOS, along with its reversal in many cases.

It is important to understand each person's issues and prescribe the right set of yogic practices to bring the desired outcomes.


Yoga therapy can bring significant benefits, as experienced by the participant in this success story. This yoga plan was developed as per the condition and the need of the participant. As some yoga practices could be contraindicated for others, we suggest that you consult a trained yoga therapist before adopting the above plan for yourself. Please note that yoga should not be regarded as a replacement for expert medical advice and treatment. 

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