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Spotlight on YOGKUtīR

My award-winning yoga instruction is designed for busy people like you. Years of dedication have paid off, and my special way of teaching yoga is being praised. I take pride in sharing my achievements and headlines below.

Client 2


Best in Wellness

When I was nominated for this accolade I could hardly contain my excitement. Being included in this magazine’s list is one of the most prestigious achievements in the yoga field today.

Client 3


Best Online Yoga Class

This website is the first one everyone goes to when they want to know about the best and latest trends in yoga. It feels amazing to have my hard work and effort recognized in this way and to be named Best Online Yoga Class.

Client 5


World Class Yoga Nominee

It is an incredible honor to be named World Class Yoga Nominee by this well-respected publication. I have been following their work for years, and know that they feature only the best yoga and wellness instructors. I am so happy to be included.

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